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  • French Accent Reduction

    Victoria is an extremely kind and devoted teacher. She has helped me make a huge step forward with my accent. By practicing daily, I have seen my English improve considerably in 10 weeks of class. As I am a person who wants to have a perfect standard american accent, Victoria would always be attentive to small details in my pronunciation and would take time to explain the differences between the Montreal, Canadian and American dialects. It was a pleasure working with her and I wish I had reached out to her even sooner!

    - Maude Bouchard – Actress
  • Vietnamese Accent Reduction

    Victoria is a very good teacher. Since I have started my classes with her, I figured out my accent problems and practiced on that. She has analyzed and designed the specific courses that fit my needs and therefore, I appreciate very much having classes with her. Thanks Victoria!

    - Hanh Nguyen – Medical Researcher
  • French Accent Reduction

    To anyone thinking of improving their English Accent: Working with Victoria is your only solution! Working with her felt very easy but improved my accent so much. She always made me feel comfortable during each pronunciation class we had. After each training, she provided me with plenty of resources to keep in order to study and keep it on my computer to practice every once in a while. I recommended her to friends and will keep doing so. Also, the cost of her services were fully covered by my work health insurance.

    - S. Bélanger – Customer Service Representative
  • Moldova Accent Reduction

    I have been dragging my feet for years on working on my pronunciation. I wish I found Victoria earlier. She helped me understand the mechanism behind good English pronunciation and things I should focus on while speaking. We have been doing a lot of work during the classes, however the real change comes by practicing daily. I am fortunate enough to have an insurance that covers part of my expenses, so I will be going back to strengthen my change. It’s a real confidence boost when people stop re-asking what you said – they get it from the first attempt. I highly recommend improving your pronunciation.

    - Eric Lupu – Website Developer
  • Indian Accent Reduction

    I have gained so much. I was thinking, to speak better language, we need to know more vocabulary and be fluent in grammar. But after attending your class, I have learned that it is confidence, the way we express, and the way we pronounce that matters a lot in speaking a language. Thank you Victoria for giving me such a confidence. My parishioners are really happy with my performance. Now they’re able to listen and understand every inch of my homily.

    - Fr. Stephen Diraviam – Missionary Priest
  • I had been looking for an accent reduction course for 3 years before I found Victoria’s course. The course was great! Being aware of my pronunciation difficulties and learning what my patterns were really helped me to focus on them and gain confidence with the English language. Doing the daily exercises really made a difference!!

    - Ana Lucia Chin – Fraud Analyst
  • Chinese Accent Reduction

    Victoria is a fantastic instructor. She was highly skilled at identifying my specific points of difficulty, and she provided very helpful instruction on reducing my accent. I have enjoyed the classes taught by Victoria and really appreciate her guidance over the past months- I highly recommend the accent reduction course taught by her!

    - Bin Lu – Software Engineer

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About Victoria

Accent Reduction Montreal, Accent Modification, Victoria Patenaude, Speech Therapy Montreal

Victoria Patenaude received her Master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology from Columbia University, and her Bachelor’s in Biochemistry with a minor in Linguistics from McGill University. She holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC-SLP) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), her Certification in the Compton PESL Accent Modification Method from the Institute of Language and Phonology, and an active speech-language pathology license in the province of Quebec. From her years of experience working in the field of neurorehabilitation, she has in-depth knowledge of how to optimize learning and facilitate positive changes in the brain. She combines the principles of neuroplasticity with relevant linguistic theory, offering a multifaceted and holistic approach to accent reduction and modification. As a student of foreign languages herself, Victoria has a unique and empathetic understanding of the challenges of mastering pronunciation in another language– apart from English, Victoria is also fluent in Polish, French and Greek.

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